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Semantic Brand Score BI

Brand and Business Intelligence
in the Era of Big Data.

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Who We Are

Decoding Honest Signals: A Pathway to Empowerment.

Our research team, led by Professor Andrea Fronzetti Colladon from the University of Perugia, comprises top experts from around the world. Our specialty lies in Text Mining and Social Network Analysis applied to Big Data, and we focus on conducting applied business research to develop new tools and analytics that improve social interactions, creativity, decision-making, and innovation processes for both companies and society.


We combine innovative methods from network science, natural language processing, and machine learning with insights from the social sciences, psychology, humanities, and linguistics to uncover new knowledge about management and human behavior.



Our teaching philosophy is rooted in our daily research. We strive to inspire and equip teams with practical tools and real-world experience, so they can learn, grow, and achieve actionable results. Our flexible and personalized learning experiences are designed to help you develop both professionally and personally.



We believe that meaningful discoveries can occur anywhere, not just in labs. We draw inspiration from hundreds of case studies and our experience working with outstanding teams and organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. We leverage the latest advancements in research to fuel our work and empower managerial decision-making.

Our Expertise

Our team has spent over a decade researching honest signals in human communication and behavior, developing advanced tools and methods. Our unique approach combines the study of words and networks, resulting in innovative metrics, such as the Semantic Brand Score, and tools, such as the SBS BI software. This cutting-edge analytics platform empowers company managers and policymakers to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Here are just a few of the possible applications.

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The Semantic Brand Score was originally designed to help companies measure the importance of their brand across various media, including social media, newspapers, and internal company communication. It is versatile enough to be used with any text corpus, allowing companies to compare their brand positioning with competitors in any industry. With the Semantic Brand Score, companies gain deep insights into the impact of their branding efforts, and can make informed decisions about how to optimize their branding strategy to achieve greater success.

Understanding Customers

With our expertise in text mining and social network analysis, we can uncover valuable honest signals to help businesses better understand their customers. We leverage these insights to identify drivers of customer satisfaction and opportunities for improvement in product or brand strategy. Additionally, our profiling techniques help identify distinct consumer tribes and their language use patterns to enable more targeted marketing campaigns.

Driving Change

At our core, we believe that meaningful change is driven by data-driven insights. Whether it is analyzing gender bias in corporate communication, assessing the effectiveness of company core values, or promoting a sustainable energy transition, we offer unique insights that can drive real-world impact.

Political and Economic Forecasting

Utilizing the Semantic Brand Score, we can forecast elections and assess the brand positioning of politicians and parties. By evaluating the strength of main campaign topics and analyzing public perception, we empower our partners to make informed decisions and effectively reach their target audience. Similarly, we study the impact of news on citizen behavior for example for tourism, economic and financial forecasting.

Get In Touch

We believe that collaboration is key to success. That is why we are always happy to partner with businesses or researchers who share our vision. We would love to hear from you.